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Service & Maintenance

  • Bespoke Maintenance Contracts

    The Service Division delivers a first class maintenance solution for any generators installed on site. With over thirty-five years of expertise in power generation solutions, MEMS have some of the industry’s very best engineers and technicians knowledgeable in a wide selection of generator and control systems. Due to this expertise, we are able to produce a bespoke maintenance package to fit your required application, whether it be a prime running machine completing thousands of hours per annum, or a standby generator unit used for back up through power failures and emergencies.

    Emergency Call-out Facility

    All of our generator service contracts include complete access to our 24/7 Manned Emergency Call-out unit, this allows you to talk with our technicians day or night, 365 days of the year. If we are unable to solve a problem over the telephone, one of our highly skilled mobile engineers will be despatched instantly to site.

    Generator Engine Analysis

    As a supplement to each of our generator service agreements we are able to produce an in depth oil, fuel and coolant breakdown , which not just assists us to identify a bespoke maintenance program for standby units, but additionally pinpoints all possible engine problems before they turn into a significant problems.

    MEMS Power Generation provide unrivalled diesel generator hire, equipment and 24/7 support and servicing throughout the UK.
  • Repairs

    MEMS can undertake all aspects of generator repair, ranging from simple fault diagnosis and routine replacement of components, up to and including major engine overhauls and alternator rewinds.

    Drawing on a comprehensive technical database and extensive experience we have the ability to provide cost effective and reliable repair solutions which can be delivered in a time conscious manner to minimise impact on your business.

    Temporary Hire Sets

    In the event of major generator repairs or planned downtime, all service customers have the benefit of preferential access to our Hire Fleet generators for additional backup and peace of mind.

  • Control Systems

    All MEMS engineers are fully conversant with a wide range of generator control, AMF and synchronising systems from old relay logic boards to the latest micro-processor controlled units, and are well equipped to diagnose and repair any faults encountered.

    Systems Upgrade

    In the event that a control system has become obsolete, MEMS are able to offer cost-effective upgrades; either integrating controls into existing systems or offering a complete re-design to the customers’ specification.

    Loadbank Testing

    In situations where mains failure testing is not feasible or adequate site load cannot be simulated, MEMS offer the facility for Resistive Loadbank Testing.

    This has the advantage of testing a generator to its full operating capacity, and can be effective in proving performance and diagnosing any potential faults before they become a serious problem.

  • Fuel System Testing and Maintenance

    With many fuel systems only used in emergency situations, regular and complete testing is vital to ensure integrity. MEMS can provide a comprehensive maintenance package to cover all aspects of fuel storage, pump transfer and safety systems associated with bulk diesel fuel storage.

    Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

    With all bulk storage systems, fuel will degrade over time due to contamination from various sources. This problem is further exacerbated by the increased levels of bio-diesel found in modern fuels which promote bacterial growth, furring pipes, blocking filter elements and potentially causing serious damage to engine fuel systems. MEMS can offer a cost effective tank cleaning and fuel polishing solution to keep your fuel up to specification, thus eliminating expensive repairs resulting from poor quality fuel.

    Fuel Deliveries

    MEMS operate an extensive tanker and fuel bowser fleet, enabling us to provide diesel to site either as a regular delivery, or as a emergency response within 4 hours of instruction.