MEMS Christmas Day emergency Power




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MEMS provide Christmas Day emergency power and support to ensure power is restored

One of the UK’s largest passenger airport terminals plunged into darkness due to a fire caused by a faulty HV cable on Christmas Day. The fault challenged MEMS Power Generation to supply, deliver and install immediate emergency power to the terminal.

The award-winning airport serves around 46 million passengers a year on short and long haul flights. Any loss of power would seriously affect the running of the airport causing significant delays to thousands of passengers.

Project Summary

The evening of Christmas Day, MEMS received an emergency call from the client, with an initial request to restore power to site.

Within 3 hours of receiving the call, a MEMS was on site ready to restore power. Upon arrival at the airport, the terminal was in darkness and with no source of power. Recognising the urgency of the nature of this callout, MEMS engineers, technicians and drivers got to work and successfully restored power to a number of buildings both landside and airside via one 500kVA and two 1250kVA’s generators. MEMS also supported the airport in running cables in preparation for connections to be carried out.

As the night drew on and well into Boxing Day, MEMS received further requests for additional emergency generators to be supplied, delivered and installed at the airport. MEMS then delivered a further two 1250kVA’s, two additional 500kVA’s, an off-loadable 800kVA generator and a total of 4,625 metres of 240mm MEMS cable to site. Upon completion, the terminal’s power had restored, and the airport

The Results

Following the loss of power due to a fire caused by a faulty HV cable, the client’s immediate priority was to reinstate power via a temporary supply. As one of the country’s leading stand-by power suppliers with an unrivalled reputation for emergency response, MEMS was the client’s first port of call.

MEMS provided fuel management for the duration of the hire period, carrying out daily fuel deliveries to all sets. The MEMS out of hour’s response ensured the continuance of power for all passengers, crew and airport staff, right the way through the Christmas period and into the New Year.