HV Solutions

For high voltage power generation, you need specialist experience.


When customer voltage requirements fall outside of those that can be supported via low voltage generators (LV), MEMS can provide step-up transformers for high voltage (HV) applications ranging from 600v to 20kV. Whether providing 3 or 4MW at 11kV for testing a newly built manufacturing facility or a 50MW temporary power station supporting the grid, MEMS Power Generation have the product and experience to install high voltage (HV) power equipment quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our specialist engineering teams will undertake a comprehensive site survey establishing the customer’s exact requirements in order to produce a safe and effective solution. MEMS solutions team will then deliver, install and commission the high voltage (HV) solution and provide continued real-time data feeds. The MEMS 24/7 manned control centre will help advise on the equipment’s availability and operational efficiency via the MEMS Connect remote telemetry technology.

For a quick, safe, effective and cost-efficient solution you can rely on MEMS 24/7.

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