What is ESG? ESG (Environmental, social & corporate governance) embodies our commitment to sustainability, community well-being, and ethical leadership, guiding our journey towards a responsible and impactful future.

Shaping a Sustainable Future

MEMS is deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives, constantly exploring innovative ways to generate shared value for both our community and our company. We understand that our business responsibilities extend beyond traditional boundaries, and we’re dedicated to playing our role in tackling global challenges and making a meaningful difference.


Our Six Pillars


Consistently lowering emissions from our vehicle fleet is a core aspect of our transportation objectives.

  • Transition to a cleaner fuel-based fleet.
  • Optimise transport routes to reduce mileage and emissions.
  • Train drivers and implement practices to lower emissions.
  • Develop a resale system for vehicles promoting circularity.
Facilities & Supply Chain

The facilities and supply chain ambitions at MEMS underscore a strong commitment to energy efficiency, Net Zero objectives, and the fostering of sustainable, resilient local partnerships.

  • Upgrade our buildings to improve energy efficiency.
  • Measure, report and reduce GHG emissions with a Net Zero target.
  • Work with suppliers and share practices on sustainability.
  • Prioritise local suppliers and review supply chain resilience.

Our aim is to excel as an employer, always placing our employees and their needs at the forefront. We are committed to creating a truly collaborative and positive workplace.

  • Promote workforce diversity and equal opportunity.
  • Uphold the highest safety standards in MEMS facilities.
  • Engage staff in the ESG strategy for collective growth.
  • Keep employees informed on business progress.
Waste & Recycling

MEMS focus on waste and recycling includes a commitment to sustainable reduction, refurbishing equipment, establishing credible partnerships, and employing biodegradable materials.

  • Adopt a sustainable waste reduction policy.
  • Refurbish generators to extend equipment lifespan.
  • Partner with traceable and credible waste suppliers.
  • Transition to biodegradable materials wherever feasible.
Customers & Products

We aim to always offer our customers the very cleanest options available, focusing on new technologies, fleet refurbishment, sustainable fuels, and sector-wide sustainability collaboration.

  • Advance to a cleaner generator fleet, guiding customers to join.
  • Prioritise generator refurbishment and sustainability.
  • Increase sustainable fuel use and decrease fossil fuel reliance.
  • Collaborate towards sustainability standards in the sector.

Our community engagement ambitions emphasise on local charity support, staff volunteering, investing in young apprentices, and an active member in community involvement.

  • Support local charities and community initiatives.
  • Encourage and fund staff volunteering.
  • Recruit and nurture at least one local apprentice annually.
  • Work and engage with community groups.


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How will we delivery on our ESG goals? Our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices is symbolised in our six core ESG pillars: Transport, Facilities & Supply Chain, Employees, Waste & Recycling, Customers & Products, and Community.

Each pillar is reinforced by four strategic ambitions, carefully created to drive impactful change and innovation in their respective areas. From cleaning up transport logistics and enhancing our operational facilities to fostering an inclusive and safe workplace, reducing waste, offering sustainable product choices, and engaging with the community, our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive integration of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

These pillars not only guide our business practices but also reflect our personal dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment, demonstrating MEMS role as a leader in sustainable and responsible power solutions.



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