Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage systems enhance sustainability, reduce fuel use and carbon emissions, and minimise noise pollution.

MEMS Battery Energy Storage: Efficient, Sustainable and Cost-effective Energy Solutions


MEMS is proud to offer advanced and adaptable Battery Energy Storage (BES) systems optimised to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while improving sustainability and reducing noise pollution.

Our plug-and-play battery options offer fully integrated energy storage solutions that optimise system efficiency and effectiveness. Our battery energy storage systems are expertly manufactured for optimal performance, reducing carbon footprint and supporting businesses to become more environmentally conscious.

Battery Energy Storage units are increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional temporary power sources, storing energy generated for later use.

Reduce Environmental Impact and Costs with MEMS Battery Energy Storage Systems


Power needs vary greatly in many industries, depending on the time of day and type of industry. During quieter hours, when power requirements decrease, BES units are an efficient solution that can be pre-programmed to provide emission-free power during specified hours, reducing negative environmental impacts caused by lightly loaded generator use. Our bespoke control system can monitor power demand, manage battery charging and discharging, and control the generator, providing a fully automated and systematic power supply solution.

With MEMS Battery Energy Storage Systems, businesses can achieve their sustainability goals and benefit from a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious energy solution.

MEMS Battery Energy Storage Units Datasheets.

45kVA / 45kWh BES

Our 45 kVA batteries can decrease generator run time, reducing fuel consumption and noise on site.

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 318 kVA / 422 kWh BES

The 422kWh consists of a 10ft. container, which stores lithium-ion batteries and results in a total storage capacity of 422 kWh. 

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