HVO – Greener fuel

Up to 90% less greenhouse emissions with HVO. A fossil free, 100% renewable fuel, drop-in replacement for traditional diesel.


With MEMS HVO, you can reduce emissions without compromising performance.


When it comes to sustainability and reducing emissions, we all have a role to play. Burning fossil fuels is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. However, climate change and environmental commitments mean we must all look for cleaner alternatives to generate power. That’s why MEMS is working to make a difference by offering hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), helping you switch from traditional diesel to HVO fuel. 100% renewable raw materials collected from waste and residues such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fats are used exclusively in the synthesis of HVO. As a result, HVO will bring significant reductions in greenhouse gases and can reduce net CO₂ greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. HVO is not only environmentally friendlier than diesel but also offers a solution until future technologies are viable for the temporary power market.


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HVO Advantages

  • 100% renewable
  • Up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Up to 30% lower unburnt Hydrocarbon (HC)
  • Up to 25% lower Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Up to 10% lower Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions
  • Up to 30% lower Particulate Matter (PM) emissions
  • HVO may be utilised as a drop in fuel without modifying the engine to replace traditional fossil fuel diesel
  • With a low cloud point of -32°C and a high cetane number of up to 90, cold weather performance is improved, and fuel waxing is less likely to occur in freezing conditions
  • Increases your business’s corporate social responsibility and operating in low-emission areas
  • HVO can be used across the entire MEMS fleet

Never Run Out of HVO With Remote Monitoring

The MEMS telemetry system Connect is our bespoke cloud solution that connects our fleet in the field to our 24-hour control room, ensuring maximum uptime and scalable performance. For example, without you needing to do anything, we automatically monitor fuel levels to ensure your tank never runs out. In addition to providing our customers with an unparalleled 24-hour monitoring service, MEMS offer round-the-clock live diagnostic information to engineers and technicians in the field. This ensures we can always deliver a best-in-class service to our customers and keep your business running.

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