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Disaster Recovery

When an emergency strikes, one call to MEMS and your bespoke power generation disaster recovery plan is actioned.


The MEMS Disaster Recovery Plan focuses on restoring critical power to support your business functions. If you don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan yet, we can help you create a plan for your business. Our disaster recovery specialists can review your environment and propose a plan to best suit your backup power generation needs.

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We understand that a power outage could be financially disastrous to your business, that’s why we offer an experienced team who will evaluate your site’s electrical power generation needs and supply a tailored disaster recovery plan to suit. With the disaster recovery plan complete and stored on file, MEMS is in a position to provide and meet your precise generator rental needs in record time.

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The MEMS Disaster Recovery Plan - Emergency Power Generation
Disaster Recovery Planning for Power Outages - MEMS Power Generation
“Your response was fantastic, and your staff were also brilliant. We could not have secured supplies without you.” – Tony Cohen, Head of Network Operations for UK Power Networks’ London Region


Case Study

When a fire broke out in an underground utility tunnel in Holborn, leaving 5,000 homes and businesses without power, UK Power Networks instructed MEMS to put their disaster recovery plan into action. Within an hour, our team was on-site, ultimately delivering and installing 52 temporary generators.

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