Tracking & Telemetry

The MEMS 24/7 control room remotely monitors and protects our entire generator hire fleet, continuously monitoring all the key operating parameters, including fuel levels, consumption and efficiency.

MEMS CONNECT, Right there with you

Designed, implemented and installed by MEMS engineers, this dynamic bespoke system enables MEMS to provide an unrivalled level of service with round the clock monitoring by our own inhouse 24/7 control room.

MEMS Connect has been developed internally over many years to provide our control room with the very latest telemetry solution, built specifically upon the needs of our customers and to suit our unique equipment rental approach.

With Connect, we are continuously connected to real-time information of every MEMS asset with a wide variety of performance characteristics being monitored by experienced operators and engineers around the clock.

For you, this means that we can provide an immediate and proactive response if any problem should occur.

We are in constant contact with our hire fleet enabling us to respond to any situation that may arise, deploying a MEMS engineer to site to fix things quickly should the need arise.


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Off-site monitoring

MEMS Connect provides a variety of different signals to our 24/7 control room. We are operated by real people making real decisions, not a text message to an on-call engineer or call centre – real people, real-time! With the latest mobile data and satellite tracking technology, we know exactly where our rental generators are in real-time.

The MEMS 24/7 365 days a year control room remotely monitors your MEMS hire generator’s power, fuel and efficiency. Remote monitoring is the key to a rapid response.

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