Achieving Net Zero by 2050 requires significant industry-wide changes, and we must work tirelessly over the next decade for a sustainable energy future.


The energy challenge we face today is enormous, with decarbonisation being one of our generation’s most urgent challenges. As technology progresses rapidly and society evolves, the energy sector must adapt swiftly. To achieve Net Zero by 2050, significant changes are needed across the industry. Over the next decade, we must work tirelessly to achieve a sustainable energy future.

At MEMS, we’re committed to providing sustainable power generation solutions that meet your needs while reducing your carbon footprint. We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and that’s why we are proud to offer a range of Cleaner Options products to power your business.

Carbon Reduction: no longer a matter of choice

Powering the Future with Sustainable Technology

Our Stage V Generators are the most advanced and efficient generators available. They emit significantly fewer pollutants and comply with the latest emissions standards, making them a sustainable option for power generation.

For those looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, our Battery/Hybrid Systems are an excellent choice for reducing reliance on fossil fuels. These systems use a combination of batteries and generators to provide power, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Working in conjunction with our generators, they can reduce a site’s fuel usage by up to 70%. In addition, for sites with low power demand at night, these systems can provide periods of fuel-free power, further reducing environmental impact.

HVO, or Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a superior type of biodiesel that offers a cleaner and greener alternative to conventional diesel. Unlike fossil fuels made from crude oil, HVO is produced from biological material, such as vegetable oils or animal fats.

To ensure both sustainability and product integrity, all raw materials used in the production of HVO are thoroughly checked, verified, and audited by the Department for Transport. As a result, HVO is certified as a sustainable fuel that offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel.


We continuously seek new and innovative technologies to reduce emissions and increase sustainability. For example, we are collaborating with partners to explore the potential of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative power source. Hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy source that emits zero emissions. Additionally, we are investigating hydrogen as a combustion fuel.

Along with exploring alternative power sources, we have a stringent waste management policy. This policy ensures that our rental generators’ used oil and coolant are properly recycled. Our waste management efforts reduce our environmental impact and aid in conserving natural resources. Furthermore, we have implemented energy-saving measures in our operations and encourage employees to adopt the same practices. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce our energy consumption and minimise our environmental footprint.


We take pride in our sustainable business model that aims to minimise our environmental impact and create a positive contribution to the planet.

Our model for reducing carbon emissions is built on several initiatives that include:

  • Investing in energy-efficient technology
  • Promoting waste reduction and recycling
  • Implementing sustainable practices across all business operations


By adopting these initiatives, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting a sustainable future for future generations.

Advancing Clean Energy Solutions for a Better Future


  • Taking advantage of the latest technology to reduce energy consumption and offering Stage V generators a cleaner and greener solution.
  • Testing and offering more sustainable fuels such as HVO along with future fuels being tested.
  • Investing in Hybrid Battery Technology generators.
  • Working with partners to develop the next-generation hydrogen technology
  • Investing in research and development projects that will lead to new technologies, products and services.


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