MEMS Disaster recovery response




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Disaster Recovery Response Due to a Complete Power Loss

The client is recognised as a leading provider of premium office space boasting some of the most prestigious, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions in the city of London. Office space properties range from 60,500 to 320,450 sq. ft providing a variety of opportunities for the expanding business.

Prior risk analysis undertaken by the client highlighted the need for a disaster recovery solution to provide resilience in the event of a mains power outage. The client instructed MEMS to undertake Disaster Recovery Planning Assessments for its entire portfolio of London estates. MEMS were successfully chosen as the preferred supplier due to their business being fully manned, and operational 24/7 and subsequent response offered to restore power to each location fully.

When water ingress caused an explosion, damaging the site HV switchgear the client activated their Disaster Recovery Plans and instructed MEMS for immediate assistance.


MEMS supplied two 500kVA generators which ran as duty and standby, offering immediate support on-site to the critical load should it be required. MEMS supported the event continuously around the clock, ensuring no problems occurred that could disrupt the visitors and shoppers who attended the event. In addition to the generators, MEMS have also supplied over two hundred metres of necessary cable along with numerous distribution boards which provided power to the grotto, Christmas market and the rides.


Once the client understood the fault and longevity of the power outage, the priority was to reinstate power via activating their Disaster Recovery plan. MEMS immediately despatched equipment and an engineering team to the site, working to a pre-established Disaster Recovery Plan which enabled a prompt response to the client’s exact requirements.

MEMS out of hour’s response allowed the estate to remain open and operate as usual with staff returning to work on the Monday with little or no disruption.