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The MEMS solutions team ensured all works were completed sensitively & outside of hours so as not to cause any disruption or dismay to grieving visitors

MEMS received a call one weekend from a new crematorium due to officially opening the following week. The client invested £6.5m in a new purpose-built crematorium, office and client care facilities in Andover, Hampshire. The state-of-the-art building is nestled in a mature parkland setting to provide a sense of privacy and calm.

The client advised there was a delay with the completion of their mains connections as initially planned. Therefore there was a need for last-minute temporary power to ensure the crematorium could open. The client advised that they had planned cremations booked following the opening and these could not go ahead without power being sourced.


Project Summary

The client requested that MEMS urgently supply a 200kVA temporary generator with a bulk fuel tank and associated cables to the crematorium in Andover. MEMS provided an immediate response to deliver all equipment, along with a team, to install and connect to a single point within the grounds. This then was fed out to several 63A points for each of the cremators, providing the primary source of power to the entire site.

MEMS Connect was an essential addition to this client, the remote monitoring of the equipment and its performance was crucial while the site was relying on the power provided by the generator.

Out of hours refuelling management was required due to the sensitive nature of the site and its visitors. This was fulfilled by MEMS in-house team of fuel drivers using MEMS tankers.

To complete the MEMS proactive servicing regime, arrangements were made with the client to complete out of hours servicing to ensure as little disruption as possible. Once MEMS temporary equipment was installed, this allowed for the crematorium to be opened and for the planned cremations to take place.

The Results

The hire continued for approximately five weeks until the mains connection was available and made.

At the end of the rental period, the MEMS Solutions Team worked closely with the crematorium to ensure the de-installation and collection of the equipment was carried out in a sensitive manner, and to ensure all works were completed outside of hours so as not to cause any disruption or dismay to their grieving visitors.