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No time to waste

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Installation of temporary generation to enable plant commissioning

With some 350 employees in Switzerland and more than 400 installed plants worldwide, this renewable waste energy company is a leading global technology provider and contractor in the field of energy-from-waste facilities.

It offers customised and turnkey projects, covering the planning, design and engineering, construction and operation, as well as the maintenance and overhaul of energy-from-waste plants.

In the UK, they have been responsible for the development of the Riverside Resource Facility at Belvedere in Kent – a major energy-from-waste project with strict delivery time scales. Close to project completion, the site still had no high voltage (HV) mains supply, so they asked MEMS for emergency support.

Our challenge was to ensure that this new plant was quickly fitted with an HV mains supply so that it would be operational in time to complete the handover to the end client. Any delay in this process would have incurred considerable non-completion penalties under the terms of this company’s contract.


The Riverside Resource Facility is expected to handle 585,000 tons of London’s waste per annum and is an essential river-based facility that is intended to remove the need for some 100,000 HGVs from the capital’s congested roads every year.

After a swift but detailed tender evaluation process, MEMS was awarded the contract to provide 4MW of temporary power to ensure the plant was commissioned in preparation for waste to arrive and to allow the project to continue on schedule.

We put in place 4MW of prime power supplied via the plant’s existing 11kV HV transformers to ensure the plant could be fully tested and operational before the complete power supply is installed and commissioned.

Working to a detailed design specification, we were able to provide a total turnkey package, including delivery, installation, system commissioning, remote monitoring also, fuel management for the entire project over the duration of the works.


The Results

Our project management experts created a customised solution that met the tight deadlines for the installation of such a significant amount of emergency power.

With experience of handling large-scale projects and the in-house technical capability to supply 4MW of power in just 15 weeks, MEMS swiftly became a key partner in the completion of the Riverside Resource Facility – with the full handover completed on-time and to the end client’s exact design specifications.


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