Private London Hospital

Providing standby power to leading private hospital


Providing standby power to leading private hospital

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Avoiding potential power outage with standby generator at private London hospital

A backup failure at one of the UK’s leading independent healthcare providers required an immediate resolution. A power outage in a hospital environment can be devastating. It may impact numerous services, including routine operations, complex surgeries, medical equipment and building infrastructure, all of which could compromise patient care.

In addition, the hospital also runs three specialised neurological rehabilitation residential centres, providing care for residents with complex neurological conditions. Hence the hospital needed a supplier to provide a rapid power supply to ensure they stayed online.


Project Summary

The client approached MEMS Power Generation to supply standby power whilst repairs were made to the hospital’s malfunctioning backup generator to reduce potential harm to the facility and its patients. MEMS have considerable experience delivering critical power to hospitals in short time frames – which was crucial to the continued running of the hospital.

The MEMS team determined that a 500kVA temporary generator would provide ample power to the London hospital should the need arise. To ensure the temporary generator was connected, ready and waiting to deliver power when necessary, a fuel bulk tank and 125 metres of 240mm cable were all connected, installed and hooked up within 3 hours of receiving instruction.

The temporary standby generator installation was commissioned, and the hospital could continue providing its services uninterrupted.

The Results

MEMS helped the hospital stay up & running without the threat of a power outage.

The generator was in place and on standby for 14 days with 24/7 remote telemetry and fuel management support from MEMS if required. The job ran smoothly, with everything going to plan. The hospital could continuously run all its services, equipment, and residential centres safe in the knowledge that a tested temporary hire solution was in place.

The client was particularly impressed with the initial contact and quick response of the MEMS 24/7 staffed control room, as well as highlighting our skill set, knowledge and the exceptional work and helpfulness of the MEMS team on site.