Surrey Hospital Back-up Power

MEMS takes care of hospital’s back-up power


MEMS takes care of hospital’s back-up power

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Delivering reliable back-up power supplies during regular scheduled maintenance windows

One of the UK’s first NHS Foundation Trusts, this hospital in Sutton, Surrey is the primary provider of healthcare to the local population and beyond.

To maintain round-the-clock care, this hospital sets exacting standards for the maintenance of all its essential equipment, including its on-site electricity substation and transformers.

With a rolling upgrade schedule, the hospital required a reliable provider of back-up and mains power and a team that would be able to provide regular support during short maintenance windows.

Most importantly of all, while the on-site transformers were in shutdown, the hospital needed a partner that would ensure no disruption to the power supply for critical day-to-day patient care.

Project Summary

In advance of the shutdown, MEMS worked with the hospital to ensure that it had the right level of back-up and mains power throughout the maintenance window.

From its extensive fleet, MEMS was able to select generators to match the size of the transformers that were being upgraded, ensuring cost optimisation. A MEMS project manager was assigned to work exclusively with them, and MEMS electrical technicians were on-hand to set up and run each generator.

MEMS provided all the necessary power generation equipment, including cables, refuelled the generators and monitored each one remotely so there would be no problems on site.

Once the transformer upgrade was complete, MEMS returned to the site before the other contractors to clear all the cables and disconnect the generators and supporting equipment to prevent any bottlenecks during the final day.

The Results

Having established a strong working relationship from the outset, the hospital knows it can trust MEMS for both major and minor maintenance schedules.

With MEMS, this hospital knows that it has a partner it can rely on to provide everything it needs, on time and with no risk of power failure. The impact is no impact at all: from A&E to operating theatres, the lights and essential equipment continue to work across the hospital so that no-one even notices that any maintenance is taking place.