Demelza House Bubble Rush event

Foam-Filled Fun for a Worthy Cause

MEMS Team Members Dive into Foam-Filled Fun for a Worthy Cause at the Demelza House Bubble Rush Event


Marketing Manager Kelly, HR Manager Michala, and Receptionist Natalie from MEMS recently participated in the exciting Demelza House Bubble Rush event. Together with hundreds of participants, they embarked on a memorable journey filled with laughter, excitement, and a cascade of colourful bubbles.

The Bubble Rush event at Moat Park, Maidstone Kent, offered a unique and entertaining experience. Throughout the course, our enthusiastic MEMS team encountered four bubble stations; each station unleashed a wave of vibrant bubbles, engulfing participants in a world of foam.

Covering a loop of approximately 2.5 kilometres, Kelly, Michala, and Natalie were not just immersed in bubbles once or twice but four times. What made this event genuinely significant was its purpose. The Demelza House Bubble Rush served as a vital fundraising initiative to support Demelza Hospice Care for Children—an organisation dedicated to providing crucial care and emotional support to children and their families facing life-limiting conditions.

Every step Kelly, Michala, and Natalie took directly contributed to Demelza’s unwavering mission. The funds raised during this exceptional event will ensure that Demelza can continue its invaluable work, delivering essential care and support to children and families during their most challenging times.

Reflecting on their experience, Kelly expressed appreciation for the event. “Participating in the Demelza House Bubble Rush was a fun experience. The atmosphere was filled with energy, and knowing that our efforts were making a difference to children and families in need made it even more rewarding. We are proud to have contributed to such a worthy cause.”

Michala added, “The Bubble Rush event was an absolute blast! We had an incredible time navigating through the sea of bubbles while supporting Demelza’s mission. It was heartening to witness the community coming together for such a vital cause.”

Natalie echoed their sentiments, saying, “Being part of the Bubble Rush event was an amazing experience. The energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved were infectious. We are thrilled to have contributed to Demelza’s efforts in providing crucial care and support to children and their families.”

The participation and dedication of Kelly, Michala, and Natalie in the Demelza House Bubble Rush event exemplify MEMS’ commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Their involvement showcases the company’s spirit of giving back and supporting charitable initiatives.

As a company, MEMS remains committed to supporting meaningful causes and inspiring others to join the effort to create a better community for all.